Netflix Exec Let Go After Writing Off Rape Accusations Against Danny Masterson

Danny Masterson in season two of The Ranch

Andy Yeatman, director of children's content, lost his job after news reports of an encounter last week in which he allegedly told the woman that Netflix didn't believe Masterson's accusers.

"While he was coaching a youth soccer match today, Mr. Yeatman ― a Netflix kids' programming executive ― was approached by a stranger who did not identify herself or explain her connection to Danny Masterson", the statement read. Reached by email, Yeatman declined to comment. His removal was the result of a November report from Huffpost that detailed the claims of four women accusing Masterson of sexual assault - one of whom filed a report with the LAPD as recently as 2004. When Victim B discovered that Yeatman worked for Netflix, she confronted him and asked why the streamer had not taken action against Masterson.

The streaming site also said Yeatman had no real knowledge of The Ranch, Masterson's Netflix Original series. Both his daughter and the daughter of one of Masterson's accusers were playing.

Netflix has fired the executive who told one of Danny Masterson's alleged sexual assault victims that he did not believe the claims against the former The Ranch star, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter.

Masterson has denied the allegations, which are now being investigated by The Los Angeles County District Attorney and the LAPD. A Netflix spokesperson confirmed the firing for Deadline: "Mr. Yeatman is no longer employed at Netflix". Three of his accusers, like Masterson, are members of the Church of Scientology, and say the organization tried to pressure them out of going to the police with their allegations.

When "Victim B's" account first broke, Netflix called Yeatman's comments "careless" and "uninformed", adding that they "do not represent the views of the company". Netflix acknowledged that the conversation between Yeatman and the woman took place.

The day after the HuffPost piece was published, Netflix announced that it had fired Masterson from The Ranch. But the Hollywood Reporter added that Masterson would still appear in the second half of Season 2, due December 15, and could return for parts of the previously announced third season.

Masterson said he was "very disappointed" with Netflix's decision and reiterated his denial of what he termed "outrageous allegations".



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