NCAA president criticizes LaVar Ball for pulling son LiAngelo out of UCLA

LiAngelo Ball

The UCLA basketball player recounted the experience that he deemed as "horrible" as Chinese authorities came to their hotel and arrested them.

Three freshmen from the team were caught shoplifting designer sunglasses on November 8 from a Louis Vuitton store in downtown Shanghai.

Ball, along with fellow freshmen Jalen Hill and Cody Riley, were indefinitely suspended for their participation in the shoplifting incident during the Bruins' trip to China last month.

Basketball's most popular family may be heading overseas. "It's just you and all of the officers, and they don't speak English".

After receiving Trump's help in returning the three players back home, Ball's father, Lavar Ball, did not mince his words.

Asked if he would reach out to the Ball family, Alford said, no.

"The Lakers should build around Lonzo", LaVar Ball said. LaVar's response to those claims was, of course, head-scratching.

Not only is it notable that they may have to be a package deal, a la Henrik and Daniel Sedin (at least we can tell these Ball brothers apart), but that the process has already begun to gauge interest in them from teams in Europe and Asia, though probably not China.

Trump tweeted after the three players returned to the USA, taking the credit for their safe return and taking shots at Ball for being ungrateful.

LaVar Ball likely won't find Stalbergs' comments very amusing if he comes across them.

TMZ Sports reported on Monday that LaVar Ball was pulling his son out of school because he felt UCLA's punishment for a shoplifting incident in China wasn't fair.

"We left thinking we'd just get away", LiAngelo Ball said.

The three players apologized for their crime and thanked Trump when they got back to America, but LaVar has refused to thank Trump for helping bring his son and teammates back to America, with the charges dropped. In usual Trump fashion, he took to Twitter once again to accept their apology, telling them to "give a big thank you to President Xi Jinping".

In the email, the agent also said that many people consider LaMelo Ball a potential top-10 NBA draft pick in 2020 and "the most famous high school basketball player in American history".

Unlike Reyes, some strongly disagree with Trump's decision, saying the three men did commit a crime. "I think it was more, maybe, surprised".



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