Mutton Soup Helps Solve Telangana Murder Case, Foils Woman, Lover's Cover-Up Plot

Mutton Soup Helps Solve Telangana Murder Case, Foils Woman, Lover's Cover-Up Plot

Times of India reports that the woman, M Swathi, 27, along with her paramour Rajesh, a physiotherapist, had murdered her husband M Sudhakar Reddy, 32, of Nagarkurnool almost two weeks ago and dumped the body in a forest. She then went on to pour acid on her lover's face, with his consent, to distort his features. The cops arrested Swathi on Sunday and are ready to arrest Rajesh once he is discharged from the hospital after treatment.

The family's suspicion was conveyed to the police which interrogated Swati.

The Telangana police investigates a weird murder case in which a pair of lovers have been accused of allegedly killing the woman's husband and then sought cosmetic surgery so the male lover could take his place.

A trained nurse, Swathi allegedly got involved with physiotherapist Rajesh for the last few months. They allegedly dumped and burnt the body in the forests. The duo felt Sudhakar was an obstacle in their relationship and made a decision to eliminate him. Luck had run out for Swathi and Rajesh after the police unravelled the mystery behind the murder of Sudhakar Reddy by arresting her. "They hatched a conspiracy to ensure Rajesh could take the place of Sudhakar and take control over [his] properties", Nagarkurnool Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) A Lakshmi Narayana told reporters. Swathi then rushed her "husband" (Rajesh faking it as Sudhakar) to the hospital and informed the family that he had been attacked.

Things became much clearer as Reddy's family began noticing differences in Rajesh's behaviour and started testing him. They grew suspicious as he would not speak a word or give any details about his own family.

The case was registered with the Nagarkurnool police under section 307 (attempt to murder) of the Indian Penal Code. They hatched a plan to first get rid of Reddy and later disfigure Rajesh's face to pass him off as Sudhakar, reported IANS.

The quick thinking cops scanned Rajesh's finger prints at the hospital and compared it with Reddy's bio metric details on the basis of his Aadhar card.

On sustained interrogation, Swathi buckled under pressure and confessed.

The alleged plot was not uncovered until 9 December, when Mr Reddy's brother visited the hospital and lodged a police complaint after suspecting the man to be an impostor.

The police recovered Reddy's body in a highly decomposed state from the forest in Mahabubnagar.



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