Man Arrested With Guns, Ammo in Houston Hotel Room

Houston police have arrested a man who was initially going to be charged with drunk and disorderly conduct at a downtown hotel until officers discovered an arsenal of weapons in his room

The suspect was in the process of being arrested for trespassing when an officer discovered ammunition in his hotel room, KHOU reports.

The officer called for what's been described as an urgent backup around 1:30 a.m. Sunday when his attempts to subdue the man failed.

Police searched the man's hotel room and found several guns, according to KTRK-TV. He immediately called for back up. Police are waiting to interview the man until he has sobered up, he said.

The suspect's Chevrolet Silverado was also reportedly towed and inspected.

While the man initially faced charges of drunk and disorderly conduct, he now faces additional charges of trespassing and unlawful carry.

Houston police and security went to his room to collect his belongings, where they found ammunition all over the room, local NBC affiliate KPRC reported. He refused and continued to be belligerent, Cintillas said.

Thousands of balloons are being inflated for one of Houston's most memorable New Year's Eve parties. The hotel is hosting it's 40th New Year's Eve Celebration - a party expected to span four floors and feature live musical performances.

The Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Houston is seen above.



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