Kim Davis Turned Him Away, Now He's Running to Unseat Her

Kim Davis Denied This Guy a Marriage License, and Now He's Running for Her Job

David Ermold, one of the gay men (with David Moore, above) denied a marriage license by Kim Davis in Rowan County, Kentucky, announced on Wednesday that he's officially challenging her for her job.

On Wednesday, David Ermold was joined by his now-husband David Moore as he sat across from Davis in her office to file the official paperwork announcing his candidacy.

Davis set off an worldwide furor when she denied a marriage license to Ermold and his partner, David Moore, despite a U.S. Supreme Court decision upholding the right for same-sex couples to marry. He will run against her on the Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018 elections and will face Davis and three other candidates so far.

Staver's organization represented Davis in the resulting lawsuit filed by four couples against her.

Ermold also said that his campaign will not only focus on the LGBT rights but will also give prominence to other issues. The others are James L. Jessee, Elwood Caudill and Nashia Fife, according to the Kentucky Office of the Secretary of State.

Davis, meanwhile, has become a hero for many on the religious right.

"I shook his hand and told him 'Congratulations and may the best candidate win, '" Davis said. The issue was solved when one of her deputies, Brian Mason, agreed to issue licenses, and in 2016 the Kentucky General Assembly established an alternate license.

Ermold, after being denied the marriage license for the second time said at the time: "This is how gay people are treated in this country, this is what it's like, this is their experience, this is how it feels".

"She does a good job and should be re-elected", he said.

Ermold has been a resident of Morehead, Rowan County, Kentucky, for the last 14 years.

David Ermold is running against Kim Davis to be the county clerk in Rowan, Ky.

"I think it just blew up and put us in a bad light in a lot of ways", he said. Patton Oswalt, the comedian and actor, sent Ermold a tweet on Wednesday asking: "Anything I can do to help?" Ermold has two master's degrees from Morehead State University, and has worked at Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College and Maysville Community College.

And he said his campaign won't focus exclusively on the LGBT rights.

"People. are back home bickering and fighting with each other and fighting on social media", he said. "This campaign we are putting together is about unity and bringing people together and restoring fairness".

The headline of this story has been corrected to reflect that David Ermold is running for election, not re-election.



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