Kids Have Darnedest Things on Their Santa Wish Lists on SNL

Kenan Thompson as Santa during Visit with Santa Cold Open on Saturday

Che, meanwhile, complained about Roy Moore's continued strength in opinion polls despite allegations of child sexual abuse. "Which list is he on?" Al Franken, former "Today" show anchor Matt Lauer, and Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore.

Santa, taken aback, asks his Elf friend (played by Kate McKinnon) for some help. "It's more of a registry".

Tyler wants a Megablox dinosaur and laser tag.

The skit shows children asking about the names on Santa's naughty list this year and whether it includes men accused of sexual harassment, specifically Sen.

"Well, you know, Santa tries to stay out of political matters", Thompson said.

"Our president may have said or done a few naughty things", Santa tells Jessica.

"McKinnon interjects: "Nineteen accusers".

Santa attempted to hush the girl by threatening to give her a lump of coal for Christmas - to which she replied: 'From where? "I learned that if you admit you did something wrong, you're in trouble".

Unfortunately, the kids that head up to sit on Santa's lap are starting to understand that as long as you deny any wrongdoing, you can always keep your job in the public sector.

The best line of the skit came after Santa said to one little boy: "Maybe you'd like a toy for Christmas!"

Other children ask about other President Donald Trump's accusers, former "Today" host Matt Lauer's sex toys, kneeling National Football League players, tax reform benefits, feminazis, opioid abuse, the Tel Aviv embassy move, Fox News coverage and bitcoin investing.

When Santa told the girl, named Jessica, that there's something to be learned from those on the naughty list, she said that she did in fact learn a lesson from the news this year.

The bit's foundation - are we more forgiving of harassment when it comes cloaked in grandfatherly, old-timey joshing - was shaky (I mean, did anyone think the elderly George Bush's grab-ass was anything but gross?), and a sharp, character-shifting turn towards the end cleared things up politically but not very cleverly. "That would be like you calling me and saying hey Cathy Anne are you planning on smoking crack again?" she said.

"We seem to have lost all perspective on what's naught and nice", McKinnon tells a child.

"I know", Jenny interjects.

"I know", the girl replied.

"'But most people in America are good people. and eventually good people will fix our country".

For a little added insurance, though, the kid's putting all her money in Bitcoin.

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