Kenya says 'swearing-in' of Odinga would be seen as treason

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Treason charges attract the death sentence in Kenya.

The penal code says anyone who tries to form a Government contrary to the Constitution could face charges of sedition.

Odinga, head of the National Super Alliance, plans to hold a "people's president" inauguration ceremony on Tuesday after President Uhuru Kenyatta took office on November 28 following a bitterly disputed election.

Despite a warning from the Government, the former Premier's defiant allies are charging ahead with plans to swear him as the People's President in the National People's Assembly.

Such devolved Houses, he said, may be surcharged for misusing taxpayers' money.

Odinga's National Super Alliance said in a statement that the detained man, economist David Ndii, was recently appointed chairman of a committee organizing the protest event on December 12.

The AG's warning came hours after Odinga told the U.S. and other western powers that have advised against the planned swearing-in plan to back off.

The US, Mr Odinga said, should not talk about violation of the constitution as far as his swearing-in is concerned yet Washington DC has been "loudly silent" on killing of innocent protesters by police since August.

The NASA leadership has accused the police of being behind the killings and made new demands that global institutions keep away from Kenya's businesses.

"We do not and we will not recognize the elections of October 26".

"Since 8th of August, 215 people have been killed by the police force yet no one has spoken about it yet they have the audacity to tell us forget and move on", Raila said. "Kenyan problems will be resolved by Kenyan people", he said.

The opposition leader spoke outside a morgue in the capital, Nairobi, while accompanying families collecting bodies of alleged victims.



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