Juanita Fitzgerald Arrested: 930Year-Old Arrested For Not Paying Rent

Juanita Fitzgerald Arrested: 930Year-Old Arrested For Not Paying Rent

A 93-year-old woman was locked up in jail after apparently refusing to leave a care home after she was evicted.

Fitzgerald refused to get her belongings and leave and said, "Unless you carry me out of here, I'm not going anywhere", according to the affidavit.

Juanita Fitzgerald was reportedly arrested after refusing to leave the housing community where she lives in Florida, despite being evicted.

When the agents tried to get the woman out of the building, she intentionally slid off the chair to fall on the ground and resisted when the agents tried to pick her up. She was not forced to pay the $500 bond, but is ordered to appear in court on December 27. She explained "I don't have anybody".

Police said they offered Fitzgerald assistance from almost a dozen agencies to avoid arresting her, but she refused, so they had no choice but to place her under arrest for trespassing.

The affidavit states officers were able to safely escort her out of the building into the rear of a patrol vehicle.

She was eventually taken into custody but wasn't handcuffed as she is frail and could suffer injuries as a result. "We try to find places for people". She also noted that National Church Residences owns 340 properties.

News 6 investigator Adrianna Iwasinski asked for a jailhouse interview with Fitzgerald on Wednesday and was granted her request. Fitzgerald was charged with trespassing after the nursing home where she lived called the police, saying that she had not paid her rent.

"I don't have anybody".

They tell the 5-foot-tall, 100 pound woman to relax and insist they're not putting any pressure on her.

Franklin House staff offered to help her move, according to the police report, but Fitzgerald refused.

Terri Goldberg, a Franklin House resident, told WKMG: "I feel like everything was done that could possibly be done to help her I feel a lot of this was brought on herself".

Juanita Fitzgerald will turn 94 on Friday and could spend her birthday behind bars at the Lake County, Florida, jail. "I don't need no help". Throughout the video, she cries "you're hurting me" while officers continuously say that they're just trying to help her.

"They wouldn't treat a murderer like they treated me", she added.



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