John Cena Is Being Sued By Ford For Reselling His New GT

Ford GT 'Ambassador' sells his car – Ford SUES

Actor John Cena took delivery of a custom 2017 GT in September, then sold the coupe not even a month later - an audacious violation of the purchase contract he signed, which bound owners to hold onto their cars for at least two years.

When supercar makers deliver a new rare and expensive model to the market - like the McLaren P1 or Ferrari LaFerrari - they go to a lot of trouble to ensure buyers are real aficionados who will love and cherish their new vehicle.

Ford had utterly insane amounts of interest in the third-generation hypercar, so much that it made prospective buyers send in applications as to why they would be the kind of brand ambassadors Ford wanted driving their halo vehicle.

During the customer selection process, Ford added the criteria that buyers not "flip" or sell on their cars within 24 months of purchasing to avoid a sharp increase in Ford GT prices post release (as Australia saw with the likes of the HSV W1). But it's all gone a bit Pete Tong.

Cena for his part has apologized to Ford and promised to make things better. The report says he sold the vehicle for cash to pay expenses, but wouldn't it make more sense to sell other expensive cars in his notable fleet - ones that he wasn't contractually obligated to keep?

It better have been a seriously big payout, because Ford is now seeking £370,000 for Cena's breach-of-contract.

Ford wants damages of over $75.000 because the brand's reputation has suffered as a result of the athlete's irresponsible actions.

Cena claims he wanted to sort this out with Ford, and that he sold the vehicle to fund expenses.

Cena took delivery of his auto September 23, 2017, signing a contract that explicitly said he understood "being selected for the opportunity to purchase this vehicle is non-transferable and [that he agrees] not to sell the vehicle within the first 24 months of delivery".

It seems it doesn't pay to mess with the Blue Oval.



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