Instagram Lets Users Follow Hashtags To Keep Up With Interests


Instagram photos are typically hashtagged with any number of descriptions (#blessed, #winning, #sunset, to name only a few), which users can discover through Instagram's "explore section" or by clicking on the hashtagged word in the app.

Instagram is now letting users follow hashtags in addition to the people and brands they already do, the social media company announced Tuesday. Who wants to search for hashtags when you can just succumb to the soothing motion of the endless scroll? This will lead you to the hashtag page (which also includes related hashtags - it's always key to have an open mind!). You can find these on any user's profile. If you set your account to private, only your (approved) followers will see the hashtags you follow. Simply perform a search for a topic or tap on a hashtag you see on a post.

Instagram promises that there will be more of these types of changes to come.

Whether it's #baking tutorials, bohemian #hairstyles, or #puppies you're interested in seeing more of, chances are you're going to follow a ton of hashtags the second you get the update. Do you want to see photos your friends like in your feed?

"Following hashtags is just the beginning of how we're giving you the tools to discover and be inspired by [the] community", the company said.

Additionally, users can also downvote posts that they don't want to see from hashtags they follow.

Instagram was first spotted testing hashtag following last month by Pippa Akram and The Next Web.

To weed out spam and objectionable content, Instagram will use automated and manual systems for flagging inappropriate posts and blocking their authors.



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