Ingress Prime Is a Major New Update For Niantic's First AR Game

The revamped sci-fi game will be called Ingress Prime and it will come with a more polished up-to-date

Pokemon GO creator Niantic, Inc. has announced it is overhauling its first mobile augmented-reality game, Ingress.

Niantic sees the potential behind Ingress' theme and wants to create something more of it, use more depth to its fiction and redesign its user interface. Naturally, there will be other changes added to the game, but they will be revealed closer to release.

When previous year, CEO and founder of Niantic, John Hanke was asked about how Pokemon Go Pokestops and Gym locations were selected, he said that the players have to thank other gamers on that matter, especially Ingress. Instead of capturing Pokemon, however, players in Ingress capture "portals" for one of two opposing factions (Enlightened and Resistance) in a futuristic, sci-fi setting. Along with Ingress Prime, Niantic is now developing an AR game set in the Harry Potter universe. New features integrate state-of-the-art augmented reality technology leveraging smartphone cameras to immerse players in the sci-fi world of Ingress. "Ingress is the foundation of our real-world gaming platform and showcases our ability to create in-game and live experiences that can be a force for positive change in communities worldwide". Below you can see a comparison of Ingress (left) and Ingress Prime (right). Since release, Ingress has been downloaded more than 20 million times and hosted hundreds of thousands of players at more than 2,000 real world events around the world states Niantic.

Above: Ingress Prime is a reboot of Niantic's Ingress.

There's no release date for Ingress Prime just yet, but Niantic is aiming to roll out their overhauled game sometime in 2018. Existing Ingress players will be able to retain all of their experience and leveling, but it sounds like the world map will be reset at the launch of Prime.



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