'I, Tonya': Allison Janney Reveals What Tonya Harding Thinks of the Biopic

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It starts off at breakneck speed and doesn't look back, as the film and its characters bulldoze their way through Tonya's ascension to the top of the USA figure skating team in short zippy, amusing scenes that are backed by a catchy soundtrack. "I just wanted to giver her a hug, 'cause back when we first heard about this story we were told what to think about her and we were told she was a villain".

"She loved the movie".

Robbie appeared starstruck after chatting and posing for photos with Harding, 47, who was famously implicated in a plot led by ex-husband Jeff Gillooly to injure rival skater Nancy Kerrigan so that she would not be able to compete in the 1994 Winter Olympics.

He details Harding's underdog rise to the top of the figure skating world, the infamous Nancy Kerrigan incident, and her subsequent fall from grace -ultimately dubbing her "America's sweetheart with a dark twist". "I think if you asked LaVona, she would say she gave her daughter an incredible upbringing and made her a champion", Janney said.

While numerous nominations are the least that Robbie can expect, Allison Janney, as Tonya's charismatically offensive mother, is so rude, in your face, and enormous that she is immediately the front-runner for the Best Supporting Actress gong. She sort of brushed it off in a way that made me think "Wow".

Featuring the characters in direct-to-camera interviews, a strong undercurrent to the film is that Harding's downfall preceded several others of the tabloid-friendly 1990s, so much so that a "Hard Copy" reporter (played by Bobby Cannavale) is among the witnesses, wryly noting that the show was dismissed as trash by a media ecosystem that later mastered copying its sordid bag of tricks. "I don't think we exonerate her completely, but I don't think she is as guilty as we all remember her to have been", she said.



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