Here's The Most-Liked & Retweeted Tweets of 2017

The 9 most retweeted tweets of 2017

The top four new U.S. political accounts were some of Trump's most forceful critics, led by @PreetBharara, the former federal prosecutor he fired.

Likely, the biggest surprise is what is not included on the list: a tweet from Pres. Donald Trump.

Carter Wilkerson, a Nevada high school student who convinced Wendy's to give him a year of free chicken nuggets if his post was retweeted 18 million times, was responsible for the tweet with the most retweets.

But it's not like Trump went unnoticed on the social-media platform.

The 9 most retweeted tweets of 2017

None of Trump's tweets from 2017 were among the top 10 most retweeted, according to data released by Twitter on Tuesday, nor did any of his posts crack the top three tweets with the most likes. It is a quote from Nelson Mandela. Cleveland Cavaliers star James landed at the seventh spot, with a tweet that criticized President Donald Trump over his decision to rescind Stephen Curry's invitation to the White House to celebrate the Golden State Warrior's National Basketball Association championship.

While he did not make the most retweeted list, Trump took the top spot for the most tweeted about elected world leader.

Trump, however, can at least take satisfaction in the fact that he made the top of the list for both the most tweeted about elected world leaders and elected U.S. Leaders. PBS' special live coverage of Trump's inauguration day was the most viewed live stream broadcast of the year. The top three tweeted news outlets were Fox News, CNN and The New York Times. That was followed by #MAGA, #ImpeachTrump, #TrumpTrain, "WomensMarch and #NotMyPresident".



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