Health officials: Flu shot may only be 10% effective this season

Expect a Bad Flu Season

Yearly flu vaccinations help protect individuals from influenza.

Medical professionals say they're unsure what that means for patients here but there are a few things you need to know to keep your family healthy.

This season, the CDC advises that only injectable flu vaccines (flu shots) are recommended. "Many are hospitalized and some die".

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on Tuesday urged people with chronic liver disease to be vaccinated against influenza as soon as possible, as a flu infection can worsen liver disease and might even cause liver failure. Making predictions is typically tricky, but this year saw a record-breaking number of cases in Australia, where the vaccine was only about 10 percent effective against a particular strain of the virus that ran rampant.

For older adults - especially those with chronic respiratory conditions - complications from flu often lead to a sharp increase in hospitalizations and potentially serious illness, including pneumonia and bronchitis. Reports from Australia have caused mounting concern, with record-high numbers of laboratory-confirmed influenza notifications and outbreaks and higher-than-average numbers of hospitalizations and deaths and that the vaccine, which is similar to the one being used in the US had only a 10 percent effectiveness.

"The effectiveness changes from year to year", says Spicer.

Skiest said people can avoid numerous complications associated with the virus by getting the shot.

It can only be diagnosed by a healthcare provider.



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