Government requests for Facebook user data continue to increase worldwide

Government requests for Facebook user data continue to increase worldwide

Pakistan's Government request for restricting content sharply increased as compared to past year.

Worldwide, government requests for account data increased 21 percent from 64,279 in the last six months of 2016 to 78,890 this year.

United States government requests for Facebook user data were more than double the 16,823 Google received in the period.

Facebook said Monday the USA government is making more secret requests for data about more users than ever before.

Facebook did not supply data about earlier periods or release individual requests, a level of detail that advertising rival Alphabet provides for requests to remove Google search results.

The majority of those restrictions - about 20,506 - came from a request to pull down a video depicting a 15-year-old student shooting at his teacher and students in Monterrey.

Despite the disclosures there remains plenty that Facebook can't say, particularly around the nature and intention of data requests from governments.

More than 200,000 copyright requests were made related to Facebook content, with 68 percent actioned on and 1.8 million pieces of content "actioned".

Facebook also said content restrictions for violating local law soared by 304 percent year on year in the first six months of 2017, from 6,944 to 28,036. Keep in mind that when it comes to the sheer market size, India is the number two market for Facebook, with over 201 million users in the country.

Facebook's Transparency report 2017: Over 9,690 requests were regarding legal process with the government and they asked for access to 13,490 user accounts.

Aggregate data shows Facebook received about 377,400 complaints from January through June, with many referencing multiple posts. Still, the actual number of content that was taken action against was lower on Instagram than Facebook, but it is a glimpse of the rise of Instagram as a medium of influence and importance even if Facebook remains the larger social network in terms of content.



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