Google Maps to Give Real-Time Notifications Soon

This Google Maps Update Is Going To Change Public Transport Forever

With that update, you can now park your auto, open Google Maps, and tap on the blue location dot. The updates will appear on the Google Maps app. You can see estimated travel, commute time, or walk duration. Basically, one does not have to go to Maps anymore to get their update.

Updates will appear in the Google Maps app, and even more importantly, they will also be visible when the phone is locked.

A small but very useful new feature is coming to Google Maps-the app will soon start telling you when to get off a train or bus during your journeys.

The idea isn't really new actually. According to an ANI report, with the update in place, a user will soon be able to tap a "start" button at the bottom the screen with details about the journey and then get live updates on the go, be it by foot, train, bus or auto.

Sleeping on the bus is great, unless you miss your stop. And if you are an Android user, you can get live updates in your notification tab.

Google Maps recently introduced the "Two-wheeler mode" under which bikers get the fastest route to reach their destination.

Google Maps is the best when it comes to giving directions, with this update transit alerts would make it a more like using Maps for biking, driving or walking.

The information can also be shown on the notifications. The notifications are interactive, means you can scroll right through your journey's steps.

It's not certain when Google will roll out these changes to the Maps app for iOS and Android apps.



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