Free 'First Day Hikes' kick off 2018 in Alaska — MAP

Free 'First Day Hikes' kick off 2018 in Alaska — MAP

Those who enjoy spending time outdoors have a chance to start off their year with a hike around Fort Macon State Park with the park's First Day Hikes on Monday, Jan. 1.

South Mountains State Park superintendent Jonathan Griffith said the park has offered the First Day Hike for the past five years.

First Day Hikes has become a New Year's Day tradition for the North Carolina State Parks system.

Get details in a press release that follows from the Iowa DNR (Department of Natural Resources), but don't fret because information on Minnesota DNR First Day Hikes that I gathered off the agency's website also is included here.

The hike at Lake James will take place on the Paddy's Creek Trail along the lake and will take close to two hours to complete. Last year, more than 62,000 people participated on guided hikes that covered more than 114,000 miles on 1,300 hikes across the country. This will be a 1.10-mile walk through the park, with the ranger interpreting the wildlife along the way. In other years, it's just been a hike since there wasn't enough snow cover.

Fort Macon Superintendent Randy Newman said he'll be leading the 8 a.m. hike, while Rangers Paul Terry and Ben Fleming will lead the afternoon hikes.

Numerous early parks and preservation projects accomplished in the United States were through legislative acts by the states. We will be hiking a mile round trip.

Mr. Newman advised visitors looking to take part in a First Day Hike to be sure to dress for the weather, including good walking shoes, and to bring bottled water. "First Day Hikes definitely provides an excellent opportunity to jump start 2018 getting outside".

Pikes Peak State Park, Clayton County. If conditions allow, the group will hike the boardwalk down to Bridal Veil Falls and back.

Begins at 10 a.m. Meetup location is the enlisted men's barracks inside the "old fort" section. This hike is considered moderate in difficulty and may be a little slippery depending on the weather.

Indiana Dunes State Park is still doing the 3-Dune Challenge hike, but will also offer a shorter hike at the same time. She says the idea is to stay active during what you might otherwise describe as the dead of winter.

First Day Hikes began more than 20 years ago at the Blue Hills Reservation, a state park in Milton, Mass.



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