For some reason, Google wants lots of celebrities to record selfie videos

Google is letting celebrities answer questions about themselves in search results

There is good news for Priyanka Chopra devotees in the United States as Google has introduced a new search feature that lets them come a little closer to the celebrity. Today, the search engine is going a step further by adding in-line video answers to certain questions.

"When you search for your favorite personalities, whether they're rising stars or well-known celebs, their answers will appear in the form of selfie-style videos with a uniquely personal, authentic and delightful touch", writes Google. Specifically, queries about celebrities that have been answered by the stars themselves.

The celebrities will not answer every question you ask, but it will be a fun surprise when they pop up with a personalized answer.

This is something that's launching first on mobile, and when asking something such as "Can Will Ferrell really play the drums?", you'll see a video that you can play in which Will Ferrell answers that question directly through a selfie video. In the past, Google has allowed brands and other personalities to post directly to Google but only with text entries. In addition to Chopra, Google's roped in Will Ferrell, Tracee Ellis Ross, Gina Rodriguez, Kenan Thompson, Allison Williams, Nick Jonas, Mark Wahlberg, James Franco, Seth MacFarlane, Jonathan Yeo, and cronut creator Dominique Ansel to pilot the new feature. It's unclear just how many questions each celebrity answered. These selfie-style videos will be made available only on mobile Search and not on desktop or any other Web embeds.

In the past, Google has offered up videos as the top result.