Dems: Black voters deserve more from party

John Locher  AP

The donation was in response to Alabama voting Democrat Doug Jones into the Senate over Republican Roy Moore, who has been the subject of numerous sexual assault allegations. If only black women had, once again, given absolutely everything they could in spite of it all, then Trump wouldn't be president today, they swore - even though, of course, white people could have simply voted for Clinton, or convinced their own friends and relatives to vote for Clinton, rather than expecting a minority of voters to save them from the wishes of their own demographic.

As such, they were casting "passive votes" for Jones, much as black Obama voters who stayed home in 2016 were casting passive votes for Trump. Former first lady Michelle Obama dancing the Dougie in a tweet that praised "Dougie" Jones' victory and the power of the black female vote.

And politicians shouldn't forget it.

On Election Day, an attorney for the ACLU of Alabama called heads of law enforcement in the state capital of Montgomery because police presence at a polling location raised the question of voter intimidation.

Nearly 24 hours after losing a traditionally Republican U.S. Senate seat, accused sexual abuser Roy Moore has yet to concede.

"Roy Moore was an embarrassment", he said.

Democrats, he said, "have taken the black vote and the poor vote for granted for a long time".

While Jones' track record likely made a difference, several people involved in the Alabama race said that the on-the-ground outreach to black voters was the deciding factor in driving up black turnout. "We finally see the opportunity where we can have a united front... and that's what you see in Alabama", Glasgow said in a Facetime interview with WYFF News 4 on Wednesday. A former USA attorney, Jones prosecuted two Ku Klux Klan members for the 1963 bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, in which four African-American girls were killed. Then Barkley decided to make a joke about how the money will not going for opening "hair salons and restaurants" that really put a damper on such a nice move. The bombing killed four girls. "This is just common sense".

The group paid for 140 billboards around the state, in cities like Birmingham and Mobile, with a one-word message: "Vote".

"What mattered most was all the groundwork that all of the organizations were doing", State Sen.

"I'm certainly glad that Senator Cory Booker came, I'm glad that former Governor Deval Patrick came, and the Congress members who came at the last minute", Sanders said. "They weren't the cake".

Black women also showed up to defeat Trump: 94% of black women voters chose Hillary, but that wasn't enough to overcome the 52% of white women and 62% of white men who chose Trump.

"It's called the political frenzy", Cleaver said, summing up the Democratic strategy in Alabama.

While Jones won by about 30,000 votes, the Legal Defense Fund estimates 118,000 Alabama citizens are unable to vote because they don't have the proper ID to do so. "I was going to vote anyway, but that encouraged me", Taylor said.



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