Death Stranding gets even more freaky with its Game Awards trailer

Death Stranding

Fans have been clamoring for any sort of indication as to what the story of Death Stranding has to offer, and this year's Game Awards gave us exactly what we've been wanting with this incredibly detailed feature! Hideo Kojima's upcoming game is just as mysterious now as it has been in years past, and yet every tiny piece of content opens up the world, showing us Kojima's genius in its full glory.

It's hard to fully discern what any of the trailer actually means, but it offers more of a look into Death Stranding than has been previously shown. Death Stranding hasn't even released yet, and the narrative has completely enraptured us here at ComicBook. "Then came the next explosion, an explosion that will be our last". But with these cinematic episodes as reveals, we are content. Hideo Kojima, a tip of the hat to you, sir - outstanding showcase!

"And nothing's going to stop us this time", Reedus replied, referring to the cancellation of Silent Hills by Kojima's former employee Konami. The Norman Reedus character manages to survive, and the trailer ends with a look at the baby from the first trailer... inside Norman Reedus' character. Currently, the game is still in development for PS4 without a tentative release date.



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