Cinemark announces new subscription service for movie theater fans

Variety reports this summer's box office was the worst the movie industry has seen in more than a decade.

With the rise in popularity of online streaming services, it seems that movie theaters will have to continue creating attractions like this to keep customers coming in the door instead of staying home on the couch.

Plano-based Cinemark announced Movie Club, a movie membership program that for $8.99 per month provides members a free ticket to a 2-D movie, the ability to reserve seats with no fees and a discount on concessions in the theater.

Whatever the case, it's likely that the company's already starting to push the movie theater sector toward different business models.

Cinemark owns almost 350 theaters in the US, including 15 in Utah.

But now an actual movie theater chain is responding with a similar plan.

"We are thrilled to launch our proprietary movie membership program that is completely consumer research-driven", said Cinemark CEO Mark Zoradi in a statement. Back in August, Movie Pass first made headlines for allowing people to see a movie per day for $9.95 a month, which is about the price of a Netflix subscription, according to the Deseret News.

Cinemark is hoping this will help them take on Movie Pass that is offer unlimited movies for $8.99 a month. Cinemark offers several other features as well: $9 ticket prices for any additional tickets purchased in a month and a 20 percent discount on concessions.

Most studios at the current minute don't mind MoviePass: the app ticket service isn't taking any money out of their pocket -meaning there isn't any negative impact on a major studio's rentals- and any service that encourages moviegoing is good for business. At a time when the movie industry is in crisis-when the overall box office gross in 2017 now sits at $9.855 billion, down considerably from 2016's $11.375 billion, and endless streaming services tempt consumers to watch at home-any service that gets more people to theaters is a boon for the industry.



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