Carrie Fisher's Dog Gary Watched 'Last Jedi' on Opening Night!

Carrie Fisher

As TMZ reports, Carrie Fisher's brother Todd Fisher spoke to them about the experience of seeing The Last Jedi both before and after Carrie's death, revealing that several scenes - one big one in particular - were "gut-wrenching" to watch in the context of his sister being dead.

On Friday, amid the USA release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Billie Lourd shared a touching photo of her and late mother Carrie Fisher from the 2015 premiere of The Force Awakens. Not only does the film always carry the unspoken context of being Fisher's last Star Wars appearance, it actually puts the character of Leia in moments of serious peril - and that definitely did not sit well with her family members. On Friday, reporter Veronica Miracle shared a video of Gary in Star Wars gear at a screening of the film.

Gary's caretaker showed him the film's trailer two months ago. "She said his ears perked up every time she was on screen".

You'll have to see the movie (if you haven't already in the last 12 hours) to find out if Space Gary slurps his tongue as endearingly as IRL Gary does. Yes, out of love for his former owner, but potentially also out of narcissism, since he also stars in The Last Jedi.

Gary served as Fisher's therapy dog. "She gives a really lovely performance in this movie, and we finished shooting when she passed", said director Rian Johnson.

It was fitting that one of the fans present at a Thursday screening for the blockbuster film was perhaps Fisher's closest companion: Gary, her French bulldog.



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