Capcom Announces 6 New Street Fighter Characters

Capcom Announces 6 New Street Fighter Characters

Along with a brand new look, Sakura has taken on a new job now that she's graduated high school. Her signature fighting gets enhanced by a special move called Tengyo Hadoken, alongside two V-Triggers called Haru Kaze and Sakura Senpu. Both of her V-Trigger's were also on display.

The characters that are coming in this third season of content are some familiar faces as well as a couple new comers that are joining the mix. Sakura looks even more threatening than her past incarnations.

You can check out the trailers below, alongside a rich batch of screenshots featuring Sakura herself.

Street Fighter V has received 2 Season character passes so far.

Capcom dropped a bomb at the PlayStation Experience 2017 event by revealing as many as six new Season 3 DLC characters for Street Fighter V. These include Blanka, Sakura, Cody, Sagat, Falke, and G. Two new tournament entrants were also unveiled - a woman who's outfit closely resembles that of a Shadaloo Doll (Falke) and a bearded fellow in a top hat (G).

Those who own the Vanilla version of Street Fighter V will be able to get the Arcade Edition update for free although the characters won't be available to these users and you will need to purchase the Season 3 character pass in order to unlock them in the game, or you can also use your fight money to get them. Along with the character, there will be Story, Battle, and Nostalgia costumes available for her.

Sakura arrives in the game with her classic stage, Kasugano Residence (in the background fans will notice her dog and younger brother, Tsukushi).



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