Cairo church gunman walked off after killing

Cairo church gunman walked off after killing

The sight of the gunman's calm just minutes after Friday's attack contrasted with the self-congratulation pro-government media basked in on Saturday; their coverage focused on how police "successfully" prevented the Islamic State militant from breaking into the church and detonating an explosive device said to have been found on him.

Trump has promised to make protecting beleaguered Christian communities overseas a priority for his administration.

The attacker tried to break through security barriers around the church, which were put in place in anticipation of potential attacks leading up to Coptic Christmas on January 7.

Less than a month later, in May, at least 26 Egyptian Christians were killed, and a further 24 wounded in a terror attack that targeted a group of more than 50 Christians on their way to the monastery of St. Samuel near Minya, about 240 kilometers from Cairo.

However, everything indicates that the terrorist attack against the Sufis is contributing to the loss of the social base of the armed extremist groups affiliated with the Islamic State by directly affecting the tribes of the Sinai.

"Terrorists can not prevent Egyptians from celebrating the joys of Coptic Christmas Eve".

Security sources said on Saturday that the captured injured attacker of Helwan's Church of Great Martyr Mina underwent successful surgery to remove bullets from his foot.

In his last public appearance of 2017, Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church prayed on Sunday for the victims of the terrorist attack against an Egyptian Coptic church in the Cairo suburb of Helwan on Friday which left 10 dead, state-run news agency MENA reported. One gunman was shot dead as was a security officer, he said. "It was all a weird scene", said Hamza.

The spokesman for the Coptic Orthodox Church said in a statement that at least six people were killed in the attack including five Copts and a policeman.

The police conscript who had stood alongside Farag and the other doormen behind the massive gates was killed by gunfire.

Prior to the church shooting, the assailant attempted to attack another church in the same area but failed, instead killing two brothers at a Coptic-owned shop, according to The Washington Post.

Egyptian security forces shot one of the attackers, who opened fire in a Church South of Cairo, Ahram Online quoted the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the country.

The gunman, the videos show, stops only occasionally to shoot at his pursuers before he is himself shot. The officials requested anonymity because they were not authorized to brief the media. The ministry said two of the injured are women, adding it employed 10 ambulances to transfer the injured to hospitals. "There was more than one attacker", Mohammed Hussein Abdelhadi, who lives close to the church, told Reuters.



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