Bigg Boss 11, Day 66 HIghlights: Akash forcefully kisses Shilpa Shinde

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Vikas explains Arshi that the last three who will be left in the race would be him, her and Luv.

While others in the house would have become friends, just to show the world that they are the forgiving kind, Shilpa won't fake friendship.

Till now, Shilpa, Akash, Hiten and Puneesh had lost the captaincy race as their baby sitters failed to secure the spot.

No matter how much the housemates try to hide their intentions, Bigg Boss ends up exposing their true colours, and this week's captaincy task is a true game-changer. The baby sitting task in fun until, Arshi, who has a doll with Shipa Shinde's face, dips the doll inside the water. "Complete with diapers, milk and prams, the contestants are armed with everything that is needed to take care of their 'little ones". However, Hina Khan got discarded from the captaincy task, courtesy Vikas Gupta. But lastly, Hiten refused to support Hina and Arshi will become the new captain of the house. Puneesh asks Vikas to promise that he will not make Arshi the captain as well.

Shilpa has now reached a point where she is aware of who is her friend and who isn't. Akash tries to console her. Vikas tells Puneesh that he will survive only if Luv gets nominated with him.

All said and done, they are pathetic baby-sitters!

Hina Khan and Arshi Khan express their wish to become the captain of the house after Vikas Gupta. Vikas later began teasing Hiten, "Aap to Mr captain ban gae", and the two then hugged each other.

We are talking about close friends Priyank Sharma and Luv Tyagi. Vikas tells Puneesh to make Arshi understand as Akash was spreading lies. Luv was also present and he told everyone about his discussion with Vikas. Everyone congratulates Arshi for becoming the captain. Priyank tells her that Vikas always plots and schemes like that. Hina asks him what happened, and Priyank says he has no idea. Priyank then tells Arshi that he wants to see Vikas' game-plan. The doll represented Shilpa and Arshi was seen taking her frustration out of the doll. Puneesh tells Vikas and Hiten that Shilpa has taken immunity for him from Priyank. Shilpa refuses. Arshi, who is expecting an apology from Shilpa, keeps showering rude words on Shilpa.



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