Bigg Boss 11: Boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal proposes to Hina Khan, watch

Priyank Sharma and Vikas Gupta

As some of the inhabitants of the Bigg Boss house met their near and dear ones after two months, Thursday's (December 7) episode was a high-octane emotional drama.

However, as soon as the video hit the internet, Hina's haters went on to say that she was faking it and was overacting.

Bigg Boss soon introduces a luxury budget task, "Statue". When she left, Priyank ran after her. Shilpa Shinde's mother wins hearts Shilpa's mother Geeta Shinde entered the house. Shilpa introduces her mother to everyone and shows her the house. Having poured her heart out and cried, ironically without shedding any tears, Divya left the house.

Ending the day on a high note, Vikas's mother enters the house and mother and son share an emotional moment. She also told him that she is breaking up with him. Interestingly, Arshi's father even got confused between Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde as well. Arshi Khan, who had been miffed with Shilpa, didn't meet her mother. He also asked Arshi to change her hairstyle and respect Salman Khan. And Hina tells him to perform for her in front of the cameras and request Bigg Boss to air it. He mistakes Hina for Shilpa and tells her that she talks really fast. After her father exited the house, Arshi lashed out at Shilpa for not respecting her father. In the short video, Rocky, expressing his feeling for the actress, said that he wanted to spend rest of his life with her. She told her daughter that she is proud of her. Mrs Shinde also urged housemates to not abuse Shilpa, for they gave her the status of mother in the house. She asks her to show her the kitchen, but Shilpa tells her that she is off kitchen duties. She advised them to be kind to each other. She gets angry with him for not cooking properly. Divya, it seemed, came with a mission to "expose" Priyank.

While most are happy with their surprise, Priyank is in for a shock as his close friend Divya Agarwal pays him a visit.

Priyank had girls swooning over his charming personality and chocolate-boy looks while he was doing the reality shows. Puneesh and Shilpa are talking to each other and they say that Priyank shouldn't have cared about the task and released himself from the statue position if he cared so much, but he didn't as he is guilty.

Before leaving, Divya adds that only Vikas Gupta is Priyank's friend in the house and that he should not trust anybody else.



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