Austria gas plant explosion kills one person, injures at least 18 others


In Austria today, 12 December 2017, an explosion occurred at a gas station, leaving one person dead and 18 wounded.

But Red Cross spokeswoman Sonja Kellner told the Austria Press Agency that one person had been killed and 18 were injured, one of them seriously who has since been airlifted to hospital in Vienna.

He added that "technical problems" caused the explosion, and that there was "no indication of terrorism".

Gas Connect Austria said on Wednesday that transit supplies to Europe had been fully restored.

Ukraine is sending 23 percent less Russian gas this Wednesday to Europe following the fatal explosion at the Austrian gas facility on Tuesday.

Armin Teichert, a spokesman for the site's operator Gas Connect Austria, said that the site had been evacuated and that the facility had been put into "security mode".

The company and Austrian police will further analyze the exact circumstances of the blast, which may be linked to a newly installed filtering system at the hub, Stindl said.

"Fire services are now engaged in putting out the fire following the explosion". A state of emergency status allows the Italian government to carry out extraordinary measures to try to meet energy demands, such as allowing coal and oil power plants to fire at full blast.

Gas Connect Austria said only that Austrian authorities would conduct a damage assessment at Baumgarten as soon as it was safe and it said supplies would resume as soon as possible.

The extreme heat released by the pipeline blast caused several nearby cars to melt.

"On the basis of the information now available, supplies could resume today if the first indications on the absence of damage to transport infrastructure are confirmed", it said.

Meanwhile, Slovakia's main gas transit route to Austria was suspended after the fire, according to Slovak pipeline operator Eustream.

"The gas supply to Italian consumers will in any case be ensured by an increased gas supply from national subterranean reserves", the government said.



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