AT&T's power line-mounted internet service is back for more tests

AT&T's power line-mounted internet service is back for more tests

AT&T and Verizon Communications Inc, the largest USA wireless carrier, have also been testing 5G internet services in which the last leg of the connection is delivered via a radio signal to homes using high-frequency airwaves known as millimeter wave spectrum.

AT&T Inc has started trials in Georgia state and a non-U.S. location to deliver high-speed internet over power lines, the No. 2 wireless carrier said on Wednesday, marking its latest push to offer faster broadband service to more customers. The technology behind this works by sending high-frequency airwaves along power lines - not through it - using "plastic antennae" that can be quickly installed by a trained professional in a couple of minutes. "AT&T's decision to trial Project AirGig in Georgia with Georgia Power is a tribute to that", said Georgia Governor Nathan Deal. "But it also stands alone as a radically innovative solution to bridge the global digital divide". That's right, AT&T has ambitions of going global with AirGig, which is why one of the field tests is conducted at an undisclosed worldwide location with the help of a local electrical company (the other one is held at a rural area in Georgia).

AT&T is also testing the technology outside the U.S. The company said the project, lead by AT&T Labs, draws upon more than 10 years of research.

AT&T is now working on two trials in the project's early phase.

AT&T's power line-mounted internet service is back for more tests

Well this test may be in rural parts of Georgia AT&T says the technology can be used in major cities to rural America.

"Expanding access to high speed internet is an important initiative that provides value for our all of our customers and helps us remain a competitive state in which to do business", Georgia Power Chairman, President and CEO Paul Bowers said.

"It's exciting that the first trial in the nation is being conducted in Georgia, with AT&T's innovation helping keep us at the forefront of the technology sector".

No timeline for a commercial launch has been made available, since the project is still under development, with AT&T looking to expand its trial in the near future.



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