Apple now offers unlocked iPhone X models in the USA ars_ab.settitle(1227285)

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Now, customers can pay full price and activate it with the carrier of their choice.

Prior to Monday evening, customers had to choose a wireless carrier in the US, buying the phone with an AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon SIM.

Simply select "Buy without a carrier" when purchasing the device from Apple's site, and you'll have a fully unlocked unit compatible with all networks in the United States - both GSM and CDMA. This version gives the freedom of activating the phone at any local or global carrier by simply getting a SIM card from your desired operator. The SIM-free iPhone sold on and at the Apple Store is unlocked.

There's no doubt the iPhone X is an attractive slab of a gadget but with all that complicated tech to fit together, and a later launch than this year's other iPhones, rumors have persisted that Apple has been struggling to make enough of the flagship handsets to keep up with demand.

The high price tag of the iPhone X remains for the unlocked models: a 64GB device costs $999 while the 256GB model costs $1,149. If you chose to skip carrier activation at the time of purchase, you'll need to insert an active SIM card or contact a carrier to set up an account. If you're close to an Apple store, you can pick your order up on Tuesday. But in recent weeks, Apple's shipping estimates have come down to a week or so, and some people who pre-ordered got their iPhone X weeks ahead of schedule.



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