Apple now offering $29 iPhone battery replacements

Earlier this month Apple confirmed that it reduces the iPhone SoC frequency, among other things, as its battery capacity depreciates over time in order to avoid unexpected shutdowns from high current draw.

Apple is now selling replacement batteries for select iPhone models at a discounted rate earlier than we expected. "But we are happy to offer our customers the lower pricing right away. Initial supplies of some replacement batteries may be limited", said an Apple spokesperson in a statement.

Making it less expensive and less of a hassle to get a new battery may extend that trend, as many more people will find battery replacement attractive, said analyst Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights & Strategy. In particular, as batteries age (or are operated in a low temperature environment), the impedance grows and the ability to supply enough current at a stable voltage drops. Apple has now published a letter to customers apologizing for the "misunderstanding".

While an iPhone is guaranteed to make an emergency call, its aged battery may not provide required performance for all the third-party applications needed. Lawsuits have already been filed.

Recently Apple has come forward and apologized over the iPhone battery scandal where they acknowledged that how they handled the situation was probably not the best way. The company had promised this deal when it first issued its apology on Friday, but the company just updated its website to remove mention of the "late-January" start date for the program.

Now you might be thinking that you need to spend $79 on a new battery but for that Apple is offering this battery replacement at an effective price of $29.

The story began to make the rounds in the news and on social media, damaging Apple's reputation.

But Apple maintains that it cut the CPU performance of older models using software updates in an effort to improve battery life.



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