Andy Cohen Begs Giancarlo to Pick the Cardinals ... We'll Worship You!!

Derek Jeter’s short time as Marlins exec has eroded his baseball reputation

Schulman believes that the Giants may have an answer on Stanton, and the fate of Japanese sensation Shohei Otani, who put the Giants on his shortlist of teams, before next Monday.

The Giants remain Stanton's second choice behind the Los Angeles Dodgers, but may win the sweepstakes by default as the Dodgers have reportedly not made an offer for the NL MVP, and are supposedly looking to continue to cut payroll rather than add to their luxury tax bill. It only makes sense that he'd want to go to a victor.

Evans and the rest of San Francisco's staff continued to await the decisions of Stanton, who has a no-trade clause and is also considering St. Louis, and Ohtani, whose list of suitors also includes the Dodgers, Angels, Padres, Mariners, Rangers and Cubs.

Stanton is due to make $25 million in 2018 after he led the majors with 59 home runs and 132 RBIs this season.

It seems that the Giancarlo Stanton era could be coming to an end in Miami. He wants out of Miami because he doesn't feel they will be winning the World Series anytime soon. They've been mediocre for years - a restart is nearly necessary. All of that is a real impediment, even for a team with coffers as deep as the Dodgers'.

If Stanton passes on a trade to the Giants or Cardinals, then the Dodgers will be in a good spot. When asked specifically about absorbing the majority of that contract, Evans didn't address it.

Reports about Giancarlo Stanton over the last month or so have been fairly lukewarm. If Stanton doesn't want San Francisco, they have other fish they need to fry, because standing pat with the worst power-hitting team in the game isn't going to play well.

In short, the Giants and Marlins have done the easy part - agreeing with each other.



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