A New Way of Women Contraception: Only Benefits Without Harm

A New Way of Women Contraception: Only Benefits Without Harm

What if there is a device with the superior contraceptive efficiency, negligible side effects, unlike progestin pills or some injectables and in addition has valuable applications in certain gynecologic disorders. Micro amounts of the synthetic progestin Levonorgestrel can provide such effects by using innovative tool—Mirena IUD.

New generation of contraceptives

Mirena IUD is a T—shaped device to be inserted into the uterine cavity to function as a reservoir for the release of Levonorgestrel (LNG). This agent is absorbed systemically into the blood stream which and this leads to up to 5 years of contraception from the date of insertion. What is also important: during this time most women experience light periods, but in some cases periods totally disappear.

Contraception is the foremost function of Mirena IUD. It is the leader among IUD (Intra Uterine Device) methods of contraception and among all reversible methods as such. The claimed efficacy is very high with pregnancy prevention rates above 99%.

More benefits

Dysfunctional menstrual bleeding and excessive bleeding are adequately controlled. The same is with the secondary benefits of absent periods such as alleviation of iron deficiency anemia and obviation of painful periods. Even dysmenorrhoea or painful periods in general will go away.  Women approaching menopause benefit a lot from Mirena by obtaining a good contraceptive for unexpected coital acts and as a hormone replacement therapy once menopause is reached.

Generally, following advantages of Mirena can be outlined:

  • Long term protection (up to five years) with a single insertion
  • Does not require daily actions and motivation (like pills)
  • Suitable solution for women who suffer from heavy and painful periods
  • Free from side effects
  • Beneficial regarding women who cannot use estrogens
  • Can be used through menopause.

Safety as priority

Besides its contraceptive quality with Mirena ectopic pregnancies or pregnancies in the fallopian tubes are less likely to appear. Also Mirena is ideal for lactating women for the reason that agent injections do not influence the quality or quantity of breast milk produced and cause no reasonable problems to the ingesting infant.

But one must admit that before Mirena IUD insertion, every woman must be adequately counseled. A doctor or a specified medical caregiver who is trained in IUD insertion at appropriate level has to insert the device. Such a specialist has to be experienced in handling Mirena. The insertion supposes to be done in any OPD based clinic on a gynecology examination table.


You can find Mirena here: https://ogomed.com/product/mirena-52mg-1-iud/.



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