You can now download YouTube Go app from Google Play Store

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Finally, Google has made the YouTube Go public.

The big G has been tweaking YouTube Go since it first arrived in April, with its current design skewing closer to the original YouTube app, according to Android Police. YouTube Go allows users to download videos and store them on their phone's memory or SD card for later view. As of now, users in India and Indonesia can download the YouTube Go from the Play Store.

Other possible features include having video thumbnails on the lock screen which you can tap on to head straight to them, and a similar feature with YouTube accounts appearing at the top of the home screen. Additionally, YouTube Go also allows you to share offline videos to nearby devices.

Google aimed YouTube Go at those users who are unable to access high-speed internet and 4G smartphones. While it does seem a bit too much, the app will not work without being granted all the permissions. While the Home tab takes you to the main screen of the app, the Downloads tab keeps a track of your downloaded videos.

Google has apparently been sending out a survey asking users' opinions on a phone build specifically to create and consume YouTube content. So if you are unable to see the app in your country, we suggest you to wait for some days to get it in your country as well. The app is expected to make its way to many more countries in the coming weeks. Google will gradually roll out the YouTube Go's final edition to other regions before the end of this year.

"YouTube Go is a brand new app to help the next generation of users share and enjoy videos", YouTube product management VP Johanna Wright says in a statement. Interesting thing about this is it doesn't require any specific country, you can easily download and install this app and can start using it from any country by installing the APK file.



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