Wisconsin deer-hunting licenses sold to infants

Hard Winter Hunting

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources said in a statement that the two-week season runs from Saturday through December 9.

Hunters killed slightly fewer deer during Wisconsin's nine-day gun season this year than last, according to Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources data released Tuesday.

The game commission is also reminding hunters that semi-automatic handguns or rifles are banned for hunting deer, and hunters must be at least 150 yards from any occupied building or space.

The low-price, first-time mentored hunting licenses carry all the harvest authorizations of a similar adult license.

Walker signed a Republican bill on November 13 doing away with the 10-year-old minimum age to participate in a mentored hunt.

State officials declined to speculate on why the licenses were purchased for hunters too young to walk.

Ohio's deer-gun season remains open through December 3. None involved a young hunter participating under the mentored hunting law. For the season, the state sold 588,387 gun deer hunting licenses, down 2% from 2016. Harvest data doesn't show who actually pulled the trigger; an older hunter could have killed the deer and registered the animal under the child's license.

That's more than any other state, with MI as a close second.



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