Vans Warped Tour Will End After Next Year's Summer Run

Vans Warped Tour Will End After Next Year's Summer Run

The event has brought big pop-punk, emo and metal names across the country for day-long festival performances for the past 23 years. It's throw-out-your-Converse forever kind of news.

"You're gonna see a big mix of bands I felt really embraced the Warped Tour lifestyle", Lyman said. It wasn't always that way. Lyman faced backlash for partnering with pro-life organization Rock For Life and allowing Army recruitment tents at the festival. I've even had the pleasure of seeing Green Day play the Rose Bowl.

So why quit while you're seemingly ahead? You're lying there thinking about things, and it's time to make a change for your own health. "Before Warped I was on three years of Lollapalooza, so [it's been] 26 straight summers out on the road", Lyman told Billboard on Wednesday.

"I have been a very lucky person to have traveled across the country and sometimes around the world as one of the founders and producers of the Vans Warped Tour", he added on Warped Tour's official website.

Lyman told Billboard that he was ending the tour in part he was "just exhausted", and in part because he found it increasingly hard to remain profitable in a country crowded with festivals and a time in which the music "community" Warped Tour catered to "is, for many reasons, not as unified as it used to be". But if we don't get kids out of their rooms and going to shows, they'll turn into 18-to-21-year-olds soon... Its 24th year will be its last nationwide tour.

Dates for the final tour have been revealed. Festival founder Kevin Lyman made the announcement on Twitter.

Over the course of its 22-year history, Warped Tour grew from a small showcase of indie punk bands to a nationwide traveling tour that attracted around 500,000 people a year.

The 2018 Vans Warped Tour kicks off in Pomona, California on June 21 (with a San Diego date the next night) and ends in West Palm Beach, Florida on August 5.



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