Ubisoft releases Ode, a musical adventure game

Ubisoft Reflections release musical puzzle title Ode

Available on Uplay today for $5.00 USD, Ode looks like a fairly chill exploration game with some musical and puzzle themes. Seems simple enough and that is exactly what the developers wanted, Ode is a exprience more than it is a game somewhere in the likes of Journey and Abzu.

Unlike traditional games, Ode has no guide, tutorial or hints allowing players to explore the sensory worlds around them at their own pace, direction and curiosity.

In the wake of Black Friday, Ubisoft have pulled a Sega Saturn with the release of Ode.

"Ode lets you experiment in open environments where everything reacts to you". As you collect the fallen stars, you will be able to use them for different purposes, such as throwing them, attracting them, or changing Joy's form to reach new areas. One such game is Ode, coming from the developers of Grow Up and Grow Home, it is musical exploration game that takes you into a attractive world of colour and music.

Ode is available right now for £4.49, and while it's short, it really is a gorgeous little experience.



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