Tom Hanks Makes Surprise Appearance on 'Last Week Tonight'

Watch John Oliver Outline The 3 Devious Tactics Trump Repeatedly Uses To Dodge Accountability Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

Oliver wrapped up his segment by asserting that, while contemplating these three unsafe tactics is very bleak, people should take hope in the victories this year that have stemmed from resistance and holding officials accountable, such as courts blocking Trump's Muslim ban and the inability of Congressional Republicans to repeal and replace Obamacare. Image via YouTube.comWhile his "Last Week Tonight" HBO show is on hiatus, the truth-telling cowboy ("Star Trek" supporting actor Thomas Kopache) will conclude by telling Trump: "If you're not enjoying this, there's no shame in quitting". "And for many Trump supporters, that itself counts as a major victory".

Oliver also noted that the use of these tactics is precariously spreading beyond the Oval Office, citing Congressman Paul Gosar's response to the Charlottesville tragedy, in which Olivers says he was "copying Trump" in the way he used the three tactics to address the event.

"The New York Times reported Louis C.K.'s gross sexual misconduct, which is completely indefensible, and which inevitably resulted in the cancellation of his new film, Exhibit A: If This Ever Goes to Trial", Oliver said. "Sir, the world is in trouble".

You'll know the ad worked if we have President Pence by the premiere of Last Week Tonight's Season 5.

Ch-ch-check out the full episode (below) to see Oliver's commentary on what we've learned one year after the presidential election.

From behind a desk, a chair turns around to reveal a grotesque wax figure of President Warren G. Harding. Hank's teaser trailer-esque segment was oddly postponed (or hidden) in a slot that ran after the credits. Then, four other wax statues of former Presidents - Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and William Henry Harrison - appear on the set.

Adds Hanks after the hero moment: "Gentleman, let's go wax these bastards".



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