This year, you can stuff your face while wearing stuffing trousers

Forgo waistband agony, buy Stove Top Stuffing pants this Thanksgiving

They're now selling "Thanksgiving Dinner Pants" online to help people enjoy more Thanksgiving without having to worry about getting a turkey belly. The waistband stretches to two-times its original size.

"Stove Top has created Thanksgiving Dinner Pants: comfortable, stretch-waisted pants with a little bit of Stove Top style", Stove Top said in a November 13 press release.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Stove Top says they will donate $10,000 to Feeding America.

The holiday season is upon us and families will soon sit down for Thanksgiving dinner.

Stove Top has created trousers with an over-the-belly stretch-waistband and some Stove Top Stuffing flair for your expanding turkey belly, so no more unbuttoning your trousers when you feel stuffed. "But afterwards, you feel stuck and restricted in your uncomfortable jeans, khakis or slacks".

The folks who bring us stove top stuffing are now selling gut-friendly trousers.



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