The next Sea of Thieves beta test will be available to everyone

Full release Sea of Thieves on Xbox One Xbox One and PC X still scheduled for early 2018

According to developer Rare, the upcoming Sea of Thieves has achieved such a heavy level of trust with Microsoft that the company will not have to undergo the traditional certification process when the game finally releases next year.

The Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha has been allowing many players to try the game in its early stages for about a year now. First, you have to sign an NDA and be over 18.

Studio Rare continues to make merry multiplayer Sea of Thieves, created to pamper you in the most authentic pirate life, full of adventure, battles, treasure hunt, music and of course, grog. Well, now you all have a chance! Everyone who joins the game's Insider Programme before December 1st is guaranteed an invite to the next play session.

"[Over the past year] we've debuted new features from skeletal sentinels to solo ships, welcomed your feedback and used it to balance and finetune all manner of things, honoring our promise to shape Sea of Thieves alongside its community".

If you like what you see, you can also become an Insider!

Not sure if scouring the high seas is for you? Evidently the team is doing something right with Sea of Thieves and when the game is eventually ready to launch, the title will simply release with no additional testing.



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