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Breaking News: Amazon Australia set for a 'soft' launch this Thursday at 2pm

While Black Friday is typically a United States phenomenon, it has also generated traction locally, with some retailers in Australia latching on to the idea, offering extended trading hours and special sales, in an effort to boost trade. Recent emails sent by the American retailer to Aussie partner businesses that have signed up to the marketplace indicate that Amazon Australia could well be in business come Black Friday - that's this Friday, November 24.

"Let's Make History!" the email said.

After much hype, Amazon is finally, finally launching in Australia this Friday, reports The New Daily, saying the news was confirmed in an e-mail to sellers on Tuesday.

The sellers need to pass Seller Identity Verification to be part of the testing phase and "should be prepared to receive orders from this point onward" and having their pricing and stock ready.

Lifehacker has reported that Amazon Australia is set to start selling products in Australia tomorrow at 2pm to a select group of customers.

The launch date means the online retailer would go live in the country in time for this week's "Black Friday" shopping event, and next week's "Cyber Monday".

Amazon may also use the occasion to officially introduce its Alexa-powered smart speak range to Australia.

"Amazon will hurt some retailers no doubt but the ones they'll hurt are the ones that are selling the same thing as everybody else at fat margins", Kogan reportedly told AAP a year ago.



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