Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition - V-Trigger II Teaser

Street Fighter V Shows Off New Moves in Latest Trailer

It's set to release on January 16 for $39.99, though current Street Fighter V owners will get all of the new gameplay changes and new game modes as a free update.

Street Fighter V released previous year, but Capcom has continued to refine the game and add new content since then.

The trailer shows off new V-Triggers, giving every character new mix-ups, abilities, and combo extenders. It looks like Ryu has a powered-up parry move as his second V-Trigger, while we clearly see M. Bison (Dictator) do his Psycho Crusher in the trailer - that's a move he hasn't had in SF5 up until this point.

Right now, we do not have many details about the V-Trigger, but as it turns out, before a match begins, the players will be able to choose what is the V-Trigger that they want to use.

The trailer gives players a good idea of the upgraded action that can be expected from Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.

The new version will also include improvements to the game's user interface, as well as brand new modes, namely Arcade and Battle, that players will surely enjoy.

Street Fighter is one of the most well-known titles when it comes to fighting games. Preorders for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will also grant players access to 30th anniversary costumes.

Street Fighter V has become an increasing mental game of chess, with the addition of its Season 2 characters.



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