Steelers' Mike Tomlin already anticipates 'fireworks' vs. Patriots

Steelers' Mike Tomlin ready for 'fireworks' vs. Patriots

Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin didn't bother spewing coachspeak out of the sides of his mouth prior to Sunday night's matchup with the Green Bay Packers.

"I'm going to embrace the elephant in the room, it's going to be fireworks", Tomlin said according to Tim Benz of the Pittsburgh Tribune. "But I'm less concerned about that and more concerned about what are the things that we're going to do along the way to make that happen". "And it's probably going to be Part 1". "Man, that's going to be a big game".

But despite the Steelers having a glut of offensive weapons and a retooled defense, one prominent sports commentator doesn't think the Patriots should be anxious about the Black and Gold. We couldn't deny that if we wanted to.

What Tomlin is doing is essentially engaging in the conversations that everyone else in the country involved in football is having. "You guys are going to ask us about it between now and then, so I stand by the statement".

So not only is he already looking ahead to a Week 15 matchup with the Patriots, presumably with home-field advantage on the line.

The difference is that you just don't often hear National Football League coaches say such things in the middle of a season. I've got a great deal of confidence in them.

The Steelers almost left one box unchecked Sunday night, when they beat the underdog Packers with a field goal as time ran out. So much so, in fact, he claims the Steelers should win the Super Bowl.

In Tomlin's 11 years as Steelers head coach, his teams have gone 2-6 vs. the Patriots. Pittsburgh matched New England at 9-2 with its win over the Packers, but the Steelers will need to play a lot better in Week 15 if they plan to supplant the Patriots atop the AFC and host a potential rematch in the conference title game.



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