Steelers' Ben Roethlisberger on Thursday games: It's tough physically

Tennessee Titans v New York Jets

"It's awful. They need to get rid of this game, I think". "Just play on Mondays and Sundays". Especially these days. The athletes playing the game are all of the highest quality - veritable fine-tuned machines of physical mayhem - who run and hit faster and harder than ever before. It's so tough on guys.

"Both teams are going through it, so I'm not just speaking on ours", Roethlisberger continued.

The week has barely started and Ben Roethlisberger is already setting the stage for a Thursday night disappointment. You've got to let your body recover a little bit. Obviously a team with a losing record isn't going to challenge you much so it's safe to say that the Steelers are looking ahead each Sunday to keep themselves focused on the goal. You still are dealing with bumps and bruises and things continue to build up throughout the season.

Ironically one weapon the Steelers might have to fight not just a short week, but what a defense can bring, is the no-huddle. I don't know many players that like it. It's a tough thing to do.

It would behove the National Football League to take a hard look at the Thursday night games.

This is more than likely going to be Roethlisberger's last hurrah in a Hall of Fame career and at times they have required him to pull some magic out of the hat - his completion to Brown under pressure against the Colts with 45 seconds remaining was right out of the top drawer to help set up Boswell's game-winner.

The Titans are 17-35-1 ATS vs. a team with a winning record, 17-41-4 in their last 62 games overall, 3-9 in their last 12 road games vs. a team with a winning home record, 11-37-4 in their last 52 games vs. AFC, 14-36-2 in their last 52 games following a win, and 0-3-1 in their last 4 November games. The Steelers now hold the tiebreaker for having the better record against the conference (5-1 vs. 4-1).

That will be the case on Thursday night when the Steelers take on the Tennessee Titans at Heinz Field, and face defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau. More and more players are voicing their displeasure.

"It's easier because that is something you have, it's been in since day one", said Roethlisberger.



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