Sonic Forces Just Added Trashy Meme T-Shirts as Free DLC

Sonic Forces Adds A Free

The crudely drawn speedy hedgehog is now available as a customization option in-game. Based on a since-removed YouTube video in which Sonic was deliberately misnamed and drawn poorly, the meme has become an internet staple for use when the franchise makes freaky or laughable decisions.

The DLC is now available for free for all players for "Sonic Forces".

Sega is clearly aware of the internet.

Sega is leaning into a Sonic meme for a new piece of Sonic Forces DLC.

The result is a t-shirt of questionable design, as modeled by a character on their Twitter post last Saturday, Nov. 25. SEGA also assures that the DLC is real and not a badly-timed April Fools joke.

The "Sonic the Hedgehog" franchise was very popular decades ago, but has not been good for a number of years.

The DLC is an in-game T-shirt that can be equipped with your avatar, a customized character you create that joins Sonic's freedom fighters organization in the game.

In the world of "Sonic Forces", the main villain Eggman has conquered much of the world using a new, mysterious ability. It posted a photo of a custom character from "Sonic Forces" wearing a t-shirt with the iconic amusing drawing.



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