Sandy Hook Families on Gun Maker: 'Lanza Heard Their Message'

Women embrace outside Rancho Tehama Elementary School

Mourners hold signs during a solidarity vigil in Newtown, Conn., in October in memory of victims of Las Vegas' Route 91 Harvest music festival mass killing. The rifle was bought by Lanza's mother, whom he also killed, as a gift for him or for the two of them to share, the lawsuit claims.

Families of victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre asked a court on Tuesday to revive a lawsuit against Remington Arms Company over whether the gun manufacturer bears any responsibility for the mass shooting, Bloomberg reported.

Lawyers for the family members asked the court to revive the suit that was dismissed past year by Judge Barbara Bellis in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

The Sandy Hook families' case rests on whether the company negligently entrusts a buyer with a weapon, which is an exception to the federal law.

Traffic backs up outside Rancho Tehama in California
Traffic backs up outside Rancho Tehama in California

The killings at the Sandy Hook elementary school in CT - which claimed the lives of mostly children aged between six and seven in less than five minutes shortly before Christmas - shocked America and reignited the national debate about gun control.

Likewise, Koskoff told the CT court on Tuesday, Remington marketed its Bushmaster XM15-E2S directly at people like Adam Lanza - people whom the lawsuit describes as young men "obsessed with the military", specifically elite units like the Army Rangers, and "uninterested in hunting or target shooting" (italics in original).

U.S. corporations, argued the plaintiffs, have a duty to look out for public safety. She ruled that it was blocked by the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, or PLCAA, which bars gun companies from being held liable for crimes committed with their products.

"No matter how tragic, no matter how much we wish those children and their teachers were not lost and their families had not suffered, the law needs to be applied", Vogts told the court. It has met with some success in lawsuits against gun shop owners, but legal experts said it has never been used before to target a manufacturer.



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