Robbers cracked Bank of Baroda locker room in Hollywood film style

It is not clear when the bank was robbed as it was closed on the weekend

The robbery took place at a branch of Bank of Baroda in the Juninagar area near Navi Mumbai at some time between Saturday and Sunday, sources said. The masterminds of the operation had rented a grocery store three shops next to the bank in June this year.

The onus of bearing the loss of the audacious robbery at Bank of Baroda's Juinagar branch in Navi Mumbai on the outskirts of India's financial capital is set to fall on the 30-odd customers whose lockers were prised open by the robbers.

Hemant Nagrale Navi Mumbai Police Commissioner said in a brief statement that 30 of the bank lockers had been broken, out of two hundred twenty five, total available with the bank. "The thieves rented out the adjoining shop since May 2017".

The bank has 225 lockers, and the robbers broke into 30 of them, PTI quoted a senior police officer as saying. In 2014, a similar incident occurred, where the perpetrators dug a tunnel leading to the locker room of Punjab National Bank's Sonepat branch, and robbed valuables worth crores from 89 lockers. Their modus operandi - digging a tunnel through an adjacent shop, much like in Shawshank Redemption where the protagonist stages a prison-break by digging a tunnel.

"The culprits made a tunnel from the adjacent gaala [shop] and entered the locker room". He added that the police had found some leads and teams of officers and men were working on them. "However, there were none inside the locker room to respect the privacy of customers", said Kiran Patil, assistant commissioner of police (Nerul) division. The bank had called all its customers and was verifying other records.

The incident was reported when the bank was reopened on Monday where its staff found several lockers in the treasury room was damaged.