Police say man on video near 2 of 4 shootings is suspect

Sky 10 shows several Tampa police cruisers in the Seminole Heights neighborhood on Tuesday Nov. 14 2017

Dugan said the person of interest was "nonchalantly walking" in both videos, saying they may be "able to flip a switch and go out and murder someone" based on his casual mannerisms.

"We can not let this drive a wedge between us", said Chief Dugan.

• Dugan said the suspect can not yet be considered a serial killer, but he is convinced the same person has committed at least two of the four killings in Seminole Heights.

The suspect was described as a tall, thin, black male, wearing all black.

"Someone has to know who this individual is", Dugan said. "But this is our suspect".

Police believe someone in the community must be able to recognize the suspect in the grainy video.

"This is the time that people have to step up, they have to tell what they know", said Dr. Jeffery Johnson, a pastor who led an emotional worship service Wednesday night at the very church where Ronald Felton was on his way to feed the homeless, murdered as he tried to help others. No arrests were made. Police responded to the scene within minutes and formed a perimeter eight blocks wide, but the suspect fled northeast from the area, Dugan said.

"If I could get everyone to focus on the person in that video, the way they walk, their manerisms, their body language", Dugan said.

Investigators have received more than 450 tips since Felton's death on Tuesday and 2,300 tips total, Dugan said. "This murder was yesterday at 4:51 in the morning".

A reward for information leading to the killer's arrest has increased to $91,000.

Tampa residents have been on alert since early October, when Mitchell was shot to death. After Mitchell was killed on October 9, the body of 32-year-old Monica Hoffa was found on October 13, just a half a mile away from where Mitchell was killed, police said. Police said Naiboa's parents anxious because he was autistic, and had not yet made it home after taking the bus. "I feel for this neighborhood. I feel for the businesses". It was unclear if Tuesday's victim was near a bus stop.

Tampa police say Benjamin Mitchell, 22, was shot and killed while waiting for the bus alone along 15th Street North and Frierson Avenue.



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