NYC livery cab driver hit with hockey stick before death

A livery cab driver died early Sunday after crashing his car in Greenwich Village

A livery cab driver in Manhattan was beaten up by a pedestrian wielding a hockey stick - and then got into a fatal crash while fleeing the scene of the road rage attack, police said. Police say 68-year-old Randolph Tolk of West New York, New Jersey, an Uber driver, was bludgeoned in the head by the pedestrian late Saturday while he was stopped at a red light in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood.

Kosugi was arrested at his home on East 10th Street in Greenwich Village after investigators used video to determine that he had been at Chelsea Piers before the attack.

Tolk managed to get back into his vehicle and drive for 10 blocks before crashing into a median on the highway at Horatio Street around midnight, according to police.

Tolk got up and continued driving downtown before striking the center divider at West Street and Horatio Street. A man who saw the altercation followed Tolk until he crashed and called 911. He was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

"The attacker is a coward and should be in jail, beating and elderly man with a hockey stick is unforgivable".

Kosugi claims on LinkedIn to be a doctor, but is not licensed to practice medicine in the state of NY.

As he was hauled out of the 10th Precinct in handcuffs, with a hooded jacket pulled low over his face, Kosugi did not respond to shouted questions from reporters.



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