Now Loading: Will the Battlefront II Microtransactions Fiasco Result in Long-Term Change?

Lucasfilm Says It Supports EA’s Decision to Remove Star Wars Battlefront II Microtransactions

Prior to the controversy, the sequel was expected to actually sell more than Battlefield 1 by United Kingdom retailers.

We love it when analysts pop out the woodwork and spout absolute nonsense and a statement from KeyBanc Capital Markets analyst Evan Wingren on Star Wars Battlefront 2 is a classic.

Electronic Arts' decision to pull microtransactions from Star Wars Battlefront II just before the game's launch reportedly came in the wake of concerns from Disney. The first game was very successful but as compared to that Star Wars Battlefront 2 sales are 60% lower in the UK.

It's important to note this doesn't include digital sales of the game, where, ostensibly, it could've sold much better.

The multiplayer suite will keep most players busy with the aforementioned match-ups, other modes such as the returning Heroes vs. Villains and the 8v8 objective mode Strike, and even a barebones arcade mode.

The keyword here is cursory. Many fans were disappointed in the beta, and many reviewers took issue with the game's progression system, which seemed overly-dependent on purchasing in-game currency with real money. Although these loot crates can be obtained just by playing the game, players soon realized that with this system one could buy a lot of crates with real money to gain a major advantage in multiplayer, and the game would become a terrible "pay-to-win" experience. But this time, the fans had enough.

That's why the question we posed in this week's Now Loading was "What do you think about EA temporarily removing microtransactions from Star Wars Battlefront II?".

There is a great game here desperately gasping to escape the force choke of corporate greed, but at launch, it's a decisive L for gamers everywhere.



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