New Renders Envision 2018 iPad Pro with Face ID

The best of iPhone X featured in Apple's new iPad

It's not a simple process, but it does mean that the iPhone X is technically defeatable. In case of Apple iPhone X, for the first time, a majority of users have indicated preference for the highest storage models with over 57% opting for the 256GB model. With Face ID implementation, iPads will also get special features like Animoji and app compatibility, while Apple could launch the second version of Apple Pencil alongside the new iPad. Instead of making a realistic mask, the security firm crafted an elaborate mask with the sole goal of beating Face ID and the iPhone X's depth mapping technology. People were skeptical that Apple would be able to ensure the same level of security with Face ID that it had with Touch ID. The mask also features a silicone nose and 2D images for some components such as the eyes.

The mask is said to have cost approximately $150 in supplies, excluding the 3D printer, of course, and took about five days to complete.

When Apple announced Face ID on the iPhone X they made a number of lofty claims about its security, many which are slowly unravelling.

Bkav admitted that its discovery is not a concern for regular users, but rather for public figures such as politicians and celebrities.

In a video, the security firm shows the mask unlocking the iPhone X on its own, as well as when placed on a person's face. If there is a criminal who really wants to access your iPhone X, you have a much bigger security problem than whether Face ID will hold up.

Resource Bloomberg reported that some of the features flagship smartphone Apple iPhone X will be inherited by the tablet PC iPad next generation. For any further need, you can take notes.



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